This is Us

XIX Century

Apprentice jewellers, Manuel Dias Couto / Manuel Vicente de Moura, founders.
1851 Establishment of the Society, at the Rua das Flores, Oporto.




Apointted Hall markers for the city of Oporto,

New partner Jose Rosas, business modernization, with dedicated  attention on the 1st floor,M ª da Gloria Moura, his wife, first jeweller women

Close collaboration with the sculptor Teixeira Lopes.



XX Century

Jose Rosas Jr, 3rd generation, studies in London at the Royal College of Arts and Goldsmiths Institute

Portuguese filigree setting in crystals and ceramics

First jewellery mail order catalog

Manuel Rosas, 4th generation, Gemologist, FGA London

Portuguese Crown jewels restoration



5th generation, new trends, phyto and zoomorphic decorative elements in jewellery, silverware and religious works.



XXI Century
150 years of family business, expertise, bespoken commissions, new brands.